welcome multihull lovers

  • When building the new deck all parts belonging to the netversion of aft deck were saved. The aft deck can be reverted to net quite easy. Weight of the boat will then be a litte lower, 805 kg
  • Origin for weights was recieved from a crane lifter. Each empty hull was calculated to a weight of 230 kg.
  • New laminates covering the whole outside of hulls increased the weight less than 18 kg.
  • When incuding anchors, chains, ropes, sails etc. the weight will increase 100-200 kg
  • Laminating materials are glassfiber and epoxy, primer is also epoxy, all varnishes and paint are 2-komp polyurethan.
  • The cat is now in very good shape
  • When handling and launching Juguete I usally do it all by myself but it's nice to have some help
  • Sailing is however nothing I do by myself but Martin (owner of Scarlattikvarten ) has capacity do do so.

Questions via mail Hans Nilsson

Slak lina 2010

Jag brukade lägga Juguete långt från bryggan, ibland lite väl långt - men det går ändå.

Stillsam segling 2010

Min dotter styr i en sommarbris och jag hämtar mat. Trots detta lugna väder kunde man uppleva häftig acceleration