Jugete II is now for sale

A multihull gives good feelings

This catamaran has received many compliments, often "it's the nicest boat in the harbor", which made me happy.
Sailing has also made me happy and satisfied and now I hope that someone can take Juguete II further in life.

The most enjoyable thing about a boat like this is the quick reaction and being able to enter very close to the shore.
In light summer winds, normal speed is 5-8 knots and in a gust of wind it can accelerate to 10-14 knots.
The previous owners talked about sailing in 20+ knots with spinnaker sailing

Morning, calm weather, still fast up to 12 knots

I've had a carwel built koster, seaworthy and slow, a Hobie 16 fast and easily capsized.
Juguete is something in between, it feels very seaworthy and can still on certain occasions stick away like a hobie cat.
Juguete became mine in 2008 when it was in Lake Vänern.

My years with Juguete in the sea were fewer than I wished, but there were some nice trips.
One nice trip was together with a friend and our daughters to Gilleleje in Denmark.
We managed with both bunks and cooking without problems.
Being able to anchor in shallow water like at Väderön (Wether island) feels fantastic.
Ventilation works well, openings are in the rear part of the cockpit and in the forward bulkhead at the "anchor boxes".
It is easy to close them when needed.
For four adults it will probably be cramped inside, but there is plenty of room on deck. inside hull

It is possible to set up various weather protections or a tent on the deck (as I have tried) to increase the possibilities.
deck tent.
To be able to land dry from an anchorage, I arranged for a small dinghy to be attached to the front net
without the wind interfering with it.